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Monday, July 31, 2006

Free Online Polls

Just yesterday I was thinking how useful it would be to add some kind of polls to the Bits from Bill Blog. I would enjoy more feedback and it would add some value to readers.  

Much to my surprise I was reading one of my favorite Blogs "Zats Not Funny" and saw that Dave Zatz was running a poll titled "TiVo Series Release Date Poll".

The poll software is provided free by freepolls.coms. Also available for $19.95 is something called Polls Pro which allows you to further customize your polls and remove any advertising from  It’s not a bad deal for the ability to create custom polls and drop them on any page.

You’ll see I’ve added my first poll on the left side of this Blog.  Email readers can take the poll by clicking here. which hosts my blog won’t allow the JavaScript or Forms within a blog entry but I can add code to the blog template


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