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Thursday, July 27, 2006

WarnerBros Dangerous to Children

This week everyone has been talking about how Warner Bros is now exposing kids to porn thanks to their relationship with the notorious spyware company 180solutions.

At there’s. 
Kids Thank Warner Brothers for the Ads and Porn
From ReveNews “More on WarnerBros and 180Solutions
And RealTechNews, “Warner Bros Partners with 180Solutions

This is nothing new to Ben Edelman who pointed out a relationship between 180solutions and WarnerBros over a year ago in “180solutions Domain Exclusion List

It didn't take me long to realize was no place for my grand kids or any of their friends. Just look at their Privacy warning.


At our sites, we have a policy of collecting limited personally identifiable information. To enable children to participate in some of our online activities, we may ask them to provide us with their first name, hometown, and e-mail address.

On some pages of our sites, such as where children can send electronic postcards to their friends, we also may ask your child to provide personal information about other people.

Not only will they collect information about your kids,  they'll also entice your kids to give up personal information about their friends. And Nani wonders why she gets SPAM when she's never ever surfed the web.

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