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Sunday, August 06, 2006

You Can't Trust Photos

Sometimes it’s good to read the Disclaimers at any site you visit.
For instance, the news service Reuters says…

“Although Reuters makes reasonable efforts to obtain reliable content from third parties, Reuters does not guarantee the accuracy of or endorse the views or opinions given by any third party content provider.”

Reuters may have to rethink what “reasonable efforts” are after an obviously altered photo was widely distributed and could still be found on Yahoo News earlier today.

The photo on the right below was originally accepted and published by the Reuters news service.  As anyone can see more smoke was added by cloning tool, the photo was stretched and sharpened by a photo editing program, probably Photoshop.

Faked Reuters Photos
Click on Photo for larger view

The photo is smoke rising from downtown Beirut after a bombing by the IAF.
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Reuters PR says, they have suspended the photographer, Adnan Hajj until investigation is completed.

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