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Friday, July 28, 2006

Warner 2 Zango, That's all Folks

Looks like Warner Bros said, "That's all Folks" to its 180solutions/Zango Inc. relationship.

Brian Krebs at the Washington Post sent out this special report today,
Warner Bros. To Cut Link With Adware Firm Zango

Warner Bros. Studios, home to Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo and Harry Potter, said yesterday that it plans to terminate a business relationship with Zango Inc., an adware company that has been offering free games on the Warner Bros. Web site in exchange for permission to install a computer program that could push advertisements and pornography.

Zango is offering free downloads of games on a Warner Bros. Web page called "Fun Stuff" that appears to be for children. But when users click on the game, they're directed to a page that asks for permission to install on the computer a program called Zango Search Assistant. Hidden in the terms of agreement is the disclosure that users may receive adult-oriented ads through it.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Someone left a comment today that I was forced to reject. Anonymous said...

"I'm glad Warner Bros. made this decision, any adult oriented ads that could come up while a child is using the computer could be potentially damaging. If anyone got stuck with Seekmo from 180 on their computer, this site helped me to remove it: www.(removed).com. If anyone needs any help removing it post here and I'll try to help as well. "

While this is a valid comment I find its very rude for a company to try to promote their product in this way. The (Removed).com web site was supposed to be a helpful website and appeared as such.
When I checked to see who owned the domain it was hidden but that didn't stop me.

Apparently, the domain and website is designed for the sole purpose of promoting SpyHunter from the Enigma Software Group.

I'm proud to say that I have a very nice relationship with other AntiSpyware companies but none of them would try and deceive or spam you with this kind of comment. Shame on you Enigma.

2:03 PM  

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