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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

eVoting Machines Suck

I’m so pleased that in our little village in upstate NY we still have  mechanical voting machines.  Given all the negative ads I’ve seen this year it’s obvious that some folks will go to any length to control an election.

Mechanical Voting Machine

If you like really, really scary movies I suggest you watch “Hacking Democracy” which is being shown this month on HBO.  In fact, it’s on tonight at 6:30 PM or TiVo it at 11:45 on HBO2. The documentary details the efforts of a group called

One of the first things you learn when studying computers is “Computers only do what people tell them to do”.  In the case of voting machines, it has made it even easier for people to change the outcome of an election.

Thanks to Paul Schindler for pointing me to an article I was looking for about all the missing Ohio votes in the 2004 presidential election  Ken Blackwell who supervised the flawed voting in 2004 is now running for governor in Ohio.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For people without HBO, the video is also up on Google video:

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I saw the show and I regularly post at BBV. I will say Bev Harris and all the people at BBV have a wealth of information! I worked the polls out here in SOCAL (Orange County) and I had a machine go down at 7:45am Tuesday and they never came to replace it. I called every hour, but to no avale. These machines need to go! I want paper.


8:00 PM  

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