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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Microsoft Liked My Vista Marketing Idea

Ten months ago I wrote about what we could expect once Microsoft ramped up its marketing of Windows Vista. (Windows Vista, As Seen on Oprah). In closing, I made the following comment.

Who knows, we could even see ads for Microsoft Vista in free products from Claria or spam with the subject line, “Windows Vista, As Seen on Oprah”.

It turns out Microsoft thought it was a good idea. I’m now reading reports that Microsoft is actively looking at how to get Oprah to consider Vista for her yearly “Oprah’s Favorite Things”. Among Oprah’s Favorites for the Holiday 2006 was the Apple iPOD.

Meanwhile, Apple has a new commercial with the Mac and PC guys which pokes fun at Vista’s new User Access Control.  You can see the video on YouTube

According to my Blog stats, 3.73% of Bits from Bill readers have made the jump to Vista. I have heard from a few new Vista users and only one complained about UAC.  The biggest problems reported so far have been both software and hardware compatibility issues.


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