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Friday, December 28, 2007

Favorite New Christmas Toys

Christmas day at the Pytlovany house was very special and included no less than 25 family members of all ages. There were new babies, new clothes and naturally new toys.

Alexis, Emily and Michal
Alexis, Emily and Michal

Except for my new XO laptop, nobody I know received a new computer or laptop this Christmas. I take that as a bad sign for the computer industry. It used to be that new versions of Windows generated new computer sales but there hasn’t been a lot of excitement around Vista.

John and Jim playing tetris
John and Jim exploring the new XO laptop.

Our big present this year was SmartParts 15” Digital Picture Frame. I have used and reviewed other digital picture frames and wasn’t expecting to be this impressed. I love it and even though it’s from a company I had never heard of. I’m happy to say the picture quality is awesome. The interface is easy and while I’m not sure I’ll use the feature, it will play audio and video files from what ever flash media you use.

The Nintendo DS Lite was still popular but the big kids were really excited about the Sony PSP. We already have a Wii which I have written about before. GPS Units were very popular with the adults. I really want one myself so I’m anxious to hear back which one works the best.

Santa gave one of my other favorites to my granddaughter Marisa. She’s been spending a lot of time playing with her new iTouch. I might get one when they expand the memory. She also received a lot of iTune gift cards which must be used in the country they were purchased. We’ll be doing a lot of downloading before she returns to Germany next week.

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Blogger Corrine said...

I know of at least three people with new laptops this Christmas and two were in my family.

(I expect you are particularly enjoying the time with Tristan and Marisa.)

Happy New Year!

Warm regards,


9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bill... just FWIW, I got a Garmin Nuvi 650 for Christmas this year, and so far I've been delighted with it. Good UI, lots of features, very sharp and bright screen. Really haven't found any significant glitches or things I wished it did differently (just local travel so far). Will probably take a road trip in a couple weeks, looking forward to playing with it during that.

2:27 AM  

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