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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Opt Out to Protect Your Privacy and Identity

The World Privacy Forum has posted their Top Ten Opt Outs which I recommend you all review. If you think the Do Not Call Registry is a great idea you’ll be excited to learn what else is available.

I know many of you are concerned about using your credit card online but you might also want to protect what information the credit card company shares(sells) about you.

According to the FDIC:

Unless you opt out, your financial company can provide your personal financial information (for example, information on the kinds of stores you shop at, how much you borrow, your account balances, or the dollar value of your assets) to non-affiliates for marketing and other purposes.
Contact your credit card company to opt-out(4)

Top Ten Opt Outs

  • 1. National Do Not Call Registry

  • 2. Prescreened offers of credit and insurance

  • 3. DMA opt outs

  • 4. Financial institution opt outs

  • 5. CAN SPAM

  • 6. Credit freeze

  • 7. FERPA
    The FERPA opt out stops schools from releasing student directory information (Name, home address, date of birth, and other information) without consent, with some limitations.

  • 8. Data broker opt outs

  • 9. Internet portal opt outs

  • 10. NAI opt out

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