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Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Government and the News Media

If you’re paying attention to world news you may have heard that Kosovo has declared their independence this weekend. Some of you may even remember that the United States played an important role in the establishment of a safe Kosovo for its mostly muslim population.

I have a slight connection to this topic and thought I’d share a personal story of how our government and news media work together. If you will indulge me, I’d also like to say how very proud I am of our son Christopher Cook’s role with KFOR helping free the people of Kosovo. Click for Photos

Crisis in Kosovo

I had been working on a project with CBS News in 1999 when I received a call telling me it was urgent that we launch the project “tomorrow!”. So, before the sun came up I was on Amtrak heading for CBS News in NYC.

When I arrived in the news room the doors were locked behind me. I was told I was there for the day and won’t be allowed to leave until later that afternoon. OK, so I asked how come? “We’re bombing Serbian military targets today but President Clinton isn’t going to announce it until quarter after two”.

“Huh?” Maybe I was naive but I never realized that our government gave the news media leads on what our military plans were. Sure enough as I worked toward my 2:15 PM deadline I watched a wall of monitors showing our jets taking off from aircraft carriers.

It wasn’t a big surprise that we were entering the war but it did surprise me to learn how closely our government and news media works together. Being an optimist I’ll accept this as a good thing. Still it has always made me wonder what the requirements are to get this privileged access? What happens if the news media pisses off someone in the government who controls gets this early information? What do you think?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We cant afford "our boys" livelyhood for the sake of someones perk or promo for their job. I know that we'd all like to know as soon as possible, but at the extent of making this "news" a disaster, I'll pass, thank you

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The situation in Kosovo is not all it may seem.The Serbian minority there will now become the oppressed minority and now its they who are demanding independence.What will you do about that?(Kosovo is like WALES OR SCOTLAND TO THE ENGLISH)
Whatever the reasons were for invading Serbia( a Soveriegn nation) and standing up for the minorities there you tend to forget its long History.The Serbians fought alongside the Allies during WW2 and the Croatians fought alongside the Germans and the Croatians were then responsible for the mass elimination of The Serbians.You can well understand then the animosity between them and now we, The Allies are then attacking what were our Allies!This does not make sense.When The EU attacks Microsoft it is not doing it for the benefit of The USA.The EUROPEAN UNION IS AN UNELECTED UNDEMOCRATIC AUTOCRATIC AND DICTATORIAL self interested and evil body whose intentions are World Domination.You will laugh at me now as some crank, but believe me its happening Now.The Country you call England(July) will soon no longer exist as a Sovereign Nation.Its borders are wide open even now as unlimited amounts of 'foreign workers' are allowed free entry with benefits that indigenous people do not get.It is a pseudo Marxist/Communist idealogy that is sweeping Europe now and is being controlled by a group( amongst others called' 'Common Purpose'They are everywhere infiltrated in British and European Society and also now in the USA.They are clancestine and secret and you wont know you have been taken over til it happens.Look up 'Common Purpose' in Google an watch the videos.They will both unnerve you and shock you.They did when i saw them and i have hardly recovered yet.Watch the Video.Google of Brian Gerrish and you will see.

1:29 PM  

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