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Monday, April 07, 2008

Airline Troubles Getting Worse

I’ve had my share of frustration with airlines and a number of what I thought were disasters but our friend PaperGhost(Chris Boyd) just raised the bar. On the day when the “Airline Quality Rating” report was released I heard from our buddy Chris who was stranded in Ireland after an emergency landing.

BA 287 Dumping Fuel before emergency landing
BA 287 Dumping Fuel before emergency landing

Emergency Equipment at Shannon Field, Ireland
Emergency Equipment at Shannon Field, Ireland

If you click on the photos you can read Chris’s full account. The near-death emergency landing was only a fraction of his travel fiasco.

According to MSNBC, “Travelers increasingly are unhappy with airlines, ranking lost luggage among their biggest complaints”. I think if they talk to Chris they could get some more colorful complaints.

Personally, I’ve been lucky with my luggage. I do always keep a change of underwear in my carry-on, just in case. One time at a meeting my undies flew on to the table when I removed my laptop from its bag. While embarrassing it’s still not as bad as Chris’s experience or when Delta Airlines lost our grand daughter Marisa at Kennedy Airport.

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Blogger Jack said...

I've always been fairly lucky when flying. Once a commuter plane I was on was hit by a seagull while landing in Salt Lake (appropriate, I'd say). But it didn't crack the windshield.
In 1983 I flew to Idaho but my dog wound up in San Francisco. When he eventually met up with me, the first thing he did after getting out of his kennel was take a dump right in the airport entrance. I shared his opinion.

10:36 AM  

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