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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Apple Bad Habits Punish Windows Users

It seems like Apple just wants to punish Windows users while they make deals and slowly infiltrate our machines. I haven't used an Apple computer for years but I don't remember them treating their own customers so badly.

  • One bad habit has been around for a while in the QuickTime video player. Anytime you view a Quicktime encoded video, Apple automatically adds the program, qttask.exe to the Windows registry so it will automatically run anytime you reboot. This was one of the reasons why I created the "Disable" button in WinPatrol so it could automatically be removed.

  • A recent bad habit getting a lot of attention is their effort to sneak the Safari browser on to your machine when you update your iPod/QuickTime software. There have been many cries that Apple Safari is Malware. Just like your typical adware company Apple claims “it's an option” but when the option is pre-checked we all know most people won’t even notice it. That’s considered a user decision to accept it.

The option to install Safari is prechecked
It’s especially disrespectful since Apple Human Interface Guidelines put the “action” button on the far right where Windows users are accustom to a Quit,Close or Cancel button. If you’re doing a Windows application then use Windows UI guidelines. (BillP Pet Peeve)
Apple Human Interface Guidelines are different from Windows.

Fun Side Note
: According to the Safari EULA, “Apple forbids Windows users from installing Safari for Windows”

  • This morning I realized most people will receive QuickTime whether they want it or not. Much to my surprise I was told I should install QuickTime when all I wanted to do was look up my credit card balance.

I just wanted to check out my credit card bill and needed Quicktime?

It didn’t matter what I said.

One of the features I’m working on for WinPatrol 2008 is monitoring and control of ActiveX controls. It seems like once a week we’re hearing about vulnerabilities in ActiveX components so I want to give users immediate control instead of waiting for the next patch. The alert below appeared when I was just checking my credit card bill.

New ActiveX control from Apple

After digging a little it turns out the QuickTime component was part of a Google ad-sense box which was located on the main page. So not only is my credit card company charging me for my card, they’re trying to make money advertising to me. I’m getting off topic now but you get the idea.

I guess I really need to get WinPatrol 2008 released soon or it will be time to dig my Mac programming manuals out of the attic. How does “QuickPatrol” sound?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across video of meetings I wanted to view. The only way was to install Quicktime. Thank you Bill the only way to stop it loading at startup was with WP.

Now this other junk they are pushing. Looking forward to the updated Winpatrol, I really like the idea of a Quickpatrol. Quicktime is a critter.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an alternative to Quicktime, called QuickTime Alternative 2.40. Catchy name huh? LOL It can be found at It allows the playing of .mov or .qt files without having to install Qucktime from Apple. Thought that might be of interest.
Vern in Michigan

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this plan! Could you add Adobe to Quickpatrol? I guess this is becoming Quicksand patrol.

I loathe both Quicktime and Adobe. They're both on my "lobotomize after updates" list. Meaning I need to go hunting around looking for all the nice new land mines they've planted.

If there was a decent alternative to Itunes I'd never touch Apple's software again.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

I've noticed that most updates from Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Adobe are not updates at all. They use the update umbrella as a vector to push their unwanted installs over and over.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

iTunes alternative can be found here as a quick write up: It includes a link directly to the website. Shows promise!

As far as Adobe pdf files, I use Foxitreader an alternative to pdf and it is a fraction of the size of the Adobe reader program. Foxitreader loads and runs much faster than the bloated Adobe reader does as well. Info is found on the web in a Google search on Foxit reader and from their site here: the reader for pdf files is free, just like AdobeReader, but their other offerings to edit pdf files, etc and other Adobe stuff is not free, but they are a whole lot cheaper than the Adobe tools to do the same thing.

Vern in Michigan

8:30 AM  

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