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Monday, July 14, 2008

What is AppleSyncNotifier?

When the iPhone was first released a new file suddenly appeared to everyone who used iTunes. It was called “Apple Mobile Device Service”. You really didn’t need it unless you had an iPhone or an iTouch iPod but that didn’t stop Apple from including it as an Service for all iTunes users.

Now that the iPhone 2.0 is available iTunes is adding a new “MobileMe” file called Apple Sync Notifier. The number one request for PLUS Information from WinPatrol users starting on July 10th has been for AppleSyncNotifier.exe with the title MobleMe.

We’ve added the following tips to the WinPatrol PLUS database.

Applesyncnotifier.exe will be found in your c:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\ folder. This file installs with iTunes and is used when syncing your iPhone, iTouch, iPod, etc.

There may be problems installing Apple Mobile Device Support with iTunes 7.7 under Windows Vista. Error messages in 'AppleMobileDeviceHelper' when trying to sync your phone could result.

Several possible solutions are discussed at We will update WinPatrol PLUS information as it becomes available.

I now realize how Apple plans to sell more Macs. They keep adding more autostart crapware to anyone using iTunes so Windows continues to slow down and look bad. Apple has already been criticized for trying to sneak their Safari browser download into any new iTunes updates. (Yes, they make it an option but when the option is checked by default, I consider it sneaky). They do the same thing with QuickTime.

Anytime you view a QuickTime movie Apple puts a Quicktime Task helper back in your list of Startup programs. WinPatrol users can mark QTTask.exe as “Disabled” and Scotty will automatically remove it from your Startup list anytime it’s added. Just like the iTunesHelper startup program, you can run it manually when needed instead of it running all the time.

You’ll also find iTunes 7.7 adds an updated service called “Bonjour” or nDNSResponder.exe which is set to run automatically. Apple says the following about the Bonjour Service…

“Enables hardware devices and software services to automatically configure themselves on the network and advertise their presence, so that users can discover and use those services without any unnecessary manual setup or administration.”

Top Ten Reasons to Try WinPatrol Again

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Apple Bad Habits Punish Windows Users

It seems like Apple just wants to punish Windows users while they make deals and slowly infiltrate our machines. I haven't used an Apple computer for years but I don't remember them treating their own customers so badly.

  • One bad habit has been around for a while in the QuickTime video player. Anytime you view a Quicktime encoded video, Apple automatically adds the program, qttask.exe to the Windows registry so it will automatically run anytime you reboot. This was one of the reasons why I created the "Disable" button in WinPatrol so it could automatically be removed.

  • A recent bad habit getting a lot of attention is their effort to sneak the Safari browser on to your machine when you update your iPod/QuickTime software. There have been many cries that Apple Safari is Malware. Just like your typical adware company Apple claims “it's an option” but when the option is pre-checked we all know most people won’t even notice it. That’s considered a user decision to accept it.

The option to install Safari is prechecked
It’s especially disrespectful since Apple Human Interface Guidelines put the “action” button on the far right where Windows users are accustom to a Quit,Close or Cancel button. If you’re doing a Windows application then use Windows UI guidelines. (BillP Pet Peeve)
Apple Human Interface Guidelines are different from Windows.

Fun Side Note
: According to the Safari EULA, “Apple forbids Windows users from installing Safari for Windows”

  • This morning I realized most people will receive QuickTime whether they want it or not. Much to my surprise I was told I should install QuickTime when all I wanted to do was look up my credit card balance.

I just wanted to check out my credit card bill and needed Quicktime?

It didn’t matter what I said.

One of the features I’m working on for WinPatrol 2008 is monitoring and control of ActiveX controls. It seems like once a week we’re hearing about vulnerabilities in ActiveX components so I want to give users immediate control instead of waiting for the next patch. The alert below appeared when I was just checking my credit card bill.

New ActiveX control from Apple

After digging a little it turns out the QuickTime component was part of a Google ad-sense box which was located on the main page. So not only is my credit card company charging me for my card, they’re trying to make money advertising to me. I’m getting off topic now but you get the idea.

I guess I really need to get WinPatrol 2008 released soon or it will be time to dig my Mac programming manuals out of the attic. How does “QuickPatrol” sound?

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Apple's Future is still the MacIntosh

Overall it's been a good week for Apple although sales of the iPhone didn't meet expectations. Apple (AAPL) reported quarterly revenue of $5.41 billion dollars which is its 2nd highest in its history. The sale of 1.7 million Macs accounted for 55% as opposed to last years 29.7% piece of the Apple Pie. Apple is now in a tie for 3rd place with Gateway for sales of computers in the US.

Like its revenue, Apple's image is the best it has been in many years. People love the iPod and its polished company image is one of the reasons for an increase in Macintosh sales. It also hasn't hurt that nobody has been standing in lines to get Windows Vista. It appears that 8–9% of my readers are using Vista but that number hasn’t changed much.

The iPhone sales may have been a national event 2nd only to Paris Hilton going to jail, but only half of the expected half million units were sold. AT&T reported Tuesday that 146,000 phone have been activated as of June 30th. That’s not bad, but doesn’t match up with Apples claim of 270,000 phones sold through their stores. Perhaps, a lot of them were purchased to sell on eBay.

I predict that iPod, Mac and MacBook sales are going to continue to grow and will provide a healthy fiscal orchard for Apple. Now that the hype for iPhone has subsided I doubt Apple will meet their goal for 1 million iPhone sales this quarter and 10 million by the end of 2008. It will be interesting to see if the iPhone has the same impact on Apple as the Xbox has had on Microsoft.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Do I need Apple Mobile Device Service?

As often as possible, I like to review the list of programs that our WinPatrol members are asking for PLUS Info on. This gives me a good idea of what programs have suddenly been appearing on a users system often without their knowledge.

Most of this year the number one PLUS Info request has been about “GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe”. This little program pops up now and then especially since so many new machines are coming with the Google Toolbar pre-installed. Click here for our PLUS Info

This week a new Windows “service” has suddenly appeared in our top ten. When users upgrade to iTunes 7.3, it comes with a new Automatic Service just in case you’re the proud owner of an iPhone. The file is named “AppleMobileDeviceService.exe” and can be found in your list of Services either using WinPatrol or Services.msc which comes with Windows. Apple says, it “Provides the interface to Apple mobile devices.

It only takes up 3,640K of memory when at rest but if you don’t have an iPhone you really don’t need it. You can stop it with WinPatrol and set it to Manual startup. You’ll also find it under the list of programs in the Add/Remove Control Panel applet so it can be removed completely from there.

To add insult to injury, Apple also just tried to change my default MP3 player to iTunes

Give me a break Apple. This is yet another example of companies who think they can just take over your whole machine. I’m obviously biased but you can protect yourself by downloading WinPatrol for free. If you’re not sure a program can be removed, upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS.

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