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Saturday, November 01, 2008

WinPatrol Exposes New Windows 7 Services

I was pleased that my 1st install of Windows 7 went well. Keep in mind everything below is related to the current alpha build of Windows 7.  The final release is more than a year away

I’m thrilled to report that WinPatrol works great and plays well with Windows 7.  In fact, immediately after the install Scotty notified me that someone was trying to reset my Auto-Update settings.  This is one of the unique settings that WinPatrol monitors and apparently Microsoft thinks everyone should be auto-updating.

Windows 7 System Tray

Microsoft has listened and made it easier to manage the icons in the system tray or what should be called the “Notification Area”. The down icon is used to open and close the system tray program icons. The yellow ! shield provides you have notifications so they won’t continue to slide up and annoy you.  The blank spot on the far right is now the click region that provides the “Show Desktop” action.

WinPatrol Hijack log
Start of WinPatrol HiJackPatrol Log for Windows 7 Alpha

Again, keep in mind this version is over a year from completion so it still shows up as Vista. I also found that TaskHost.exe was a new integral part of the newest Windows.

Windows 7 Services
New Services that showed up with Windows 7

One of the other unique features of WinPatrol that folks don’t realize is the ability to sort programs by the date they were first detected on your system. Using WinPatrol it was easy for me to see the list of new Services that are Windows 7 specific.  WinPatrol will also tell you which ones are running and if they’re automatically loaded.

The following are the interesting new filenames. Highlighted ones seem to be running at all times, at least on my machine.

AppID Service appidsvc.dll
BitLocker Drive Encryption Service bdesvc.dll
Bluetooth Support Service bthserv.dll
Disk Defragmenter defragsvc.dll
DHCP Client dhcpcore.dll
Windows Font Cache Service FntCache.dll
HomeGroup Listener ListSvc.dll
HomeGroup Provider provsvc.dll
Peer Networking Identity Manager pnrpsvc.dll
Peer Distribution peerdistsvc.dll
Pong Service for Wireless USB pngdll.dll
PNRP Machine Name Publication Service pnrpauto.dll
Peer Name Resolution Protocol pnrpsvc.dll
Power umpo.dll
RPC Endpoint Mapper RpcEpMap.dll
Sensors MTP Monitor Service SensorsMTPMonitor.dll
Adaptive brightness sensrsvc.dll
Software Protection sppsvc.exe
SPP Notification Service sppuinotify.dll
Themes themeservice.dll
Windows Biometric Service wbiosrvc.dll
WWAN AutoConfig wwansvc.dll

There were many features that Microsoft showed at the Professional Developers Conference that don’t exist in this alpha build. I’ll be looking forward to future releases and will continue to let you all know what I find under the hood.


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