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Thursday, November 02, 2006

WinPatrol 30 Day Trial

For a number of years folks have asked me to create a 30 day trial version of WinPatrol PLUS. I’ve resisted in the past because I really hate the idea of any kind of nag screen.  I also want to make sure people know there is and will continue to be a totally freeware version available.

I have come up with a compromise that should work.  I have created a 30 day trial version of WinPatrol.  It won’t pop up a nag screen but will default to our PLUS registration tab when launched instead of the list of startup programs.  There’s still no begging or threats of dangerous spyware cookies. The free version will still remove cookies and dangerous spyware but I think once people see the power of PLUS they’ll see the value.

At the end of 30 days users will have all the features and protection of our free WinPatrol. I appreciate when folks upgrade to PLUS but I still want all our users to continue to be happy with their choice.

The trial version of WinPatrol PLUS 10 can be downloaded at

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