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Monday, December 03, 2007

Two "Must Have" Camera Features

Over many years the focus of digital camera improvements have been price, pixels and speed. It’s all the same technology, just bigger, better and cheaper. The popularity of the digital camera has however spawned a welcome industry evolution in solid state memory cards.

I’ve been snapping digital photos for over ten years and finally, I’m starting to see some real innovations.

  • Wireless Photo Transfer
    This is a natural progression and Eye-Fi just made it simple and cheap. Instead of each camera company building it into their camera, Eye-Fi has built it into the memory card. Eye-Fi even supports automatic upload to 20 photo sharing sites with more to come. For only $99, if your camera uses SD cards you’ll want to order one of these before supplies run out.

Wireless SD Card
Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

  • Global Positioning Tagging
    It may not be available for all cameras but if Sirf has its way it will be soon. Your camera currently records the date and time you take your photo. How nice would it be to know exactly where you were when the photo was taken? In my opinion this isn’t any kind of brilliant idea, it’s a natural convergence of technology. The GPS network is there and available, why shouldn’t your camera use it.

Navman 750
Navman 750

What would really be really cool is if they could just build GPS functionality into the Eye-Fi card. Smile, it's sooo sweet!

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By the looks of your many comments on new gadgets - I would say that you have too much free time on your hands.

Other thoughts that come to mind include: just how big is your house and do you save all of the boxes?


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