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Monday, October 25, 2010

WinPatrol 19.1 Fixes Missing 64 bit Programs

I haven’t been a big fan of Windows 64 bit systems mainly because it means more work for me as a programmer.  Microsoft spent a lot of time trying to make sure that all 32 bit programs continued to work under Windows 64 bit.

Unfortunately, my WinPatrol program isn’t your normal application. It peers deep into the system and reports back system information which may not be available to most programs.  WinPatrol has continued to run successfully on 64 bit systems but until now Scotty wasn’t getting all the information available in 32 bit applications.

WinPatrol 19.1 Services screen

Thanks to the feedback from our WinPatrol friends who use 64 bit systems and some great documentation from Microsoft Development Network, our new version works as it should.

If you’ve been happy with WinPatrol 19.0 and you’re not a 64 bit user there’s no rush to download the new version.  The only other change is cosmetic. Scotty will now display default icons when a program or file doesn’t have their own icon.  If you do have a 64 bit system, you’ll want to download 19.1 as soon as you can.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

McAfee Continues to Harm WinPatrol Users

In the security industry it’s especially nice that many companies get along and often help each other. WinPatrol may not be considered competition but I still have great relationships with folks at SunBelt Software(now part of GFI Software), MalwareBytes, Kaspersky, ESET, Microsoft and even Symantec. One company who apparently has no interest in working together is McAfee now owned by Intel.

Two weeks ago McAfee changed one of their signature files and it started to tell all their customers our WinPatrol setup programs was a dangerous Trojan named Artemis!4FAE1D776481.  A week ago I finally found the correct procedure to submit my file and report their “false-positive” error. I was told by an automated Email that their test was inconclusive and the file was being sent to Bangalore India for more research.

October 4th   McAfee Labs – Beaverton
Current Scan Engine: Version:5400.1158                                                 
Current DAT Version:6120.0000                                                         
Upon analysis the file submitted does not appear to contain one of the 200,000 known threats in the AutoImmune database. The file may contain a new threat, or no code capable of being infected.

October 6th McAfee Labs Sample Analysis
Issue Number:  6239937   Virus Researcher: Vivekanandan C
McAfee Labs, McAfee Labs, Bangalore, India

Synopsis - File Name - wpsetup.exe

We are forwarding the inconclusive samples to our Senior Research Engineers for further review.  We will get back to you once the researcher has completed the evaluation.                                                         

It’s not unusual for Anti-Virus companies to report “false positives”. This has happen a few times in the past but other companies had quick responses and were anxious to fix their errors. The same is not true with McAfee which is now owned by Intel.

This mistake by McAfee came at a time when a brand new version of WinPatrol was released and widely promoted. I can’t begin to imagine how many customers I’ve lost because McAfee wouldn’t allow them to install WinPatrol. I’m sad to say many believed McAfee and will never trust WinPatrol. This is a great insult to their users and the entire WinPatrol community. Even now hundreds of copies of the falsely identified versions are still available on websites like CNET’s

Recent Reviews on CNET

The reviews above prove how McAfee has damaged WinPatrol and it’s reputation. Even the folks who know that McAfee is wrong, have been giving us low ratings on CNET hurting our review status. Click here to post your own review.

Thankfully CNET editors don’t use McAfee


Instead of waiting for McAfee and losing more customers I have re-created our setup program by purchasing a new install package called Tarma InstallMate 7.  McAfee does not report a false problem with this new setup. If you’re still a McAfee user or you have a copy of wpsetup.exe on your website, you can download this new file from If you have already successfully installed WinPatrol 19, the Cloud Edition, no action is required. All the installed files are the same as our previous setup.

UPDATE 10-10-2010
It’s always nice to have friends like Steven Burn who manages the website  Steve was helpful in getting a response from McAfee.

Just checked our database. That particular file was whitelisted today, Oct 10 2010 (Sunday, BTW :)) , by a McAfee researcher in Bangalore, India. So, the detection should go away soon as the "news" spread through the cloud
(Artemis is our "in the cloud" detection technology).
Dmitry Gryaznov

I have confirmed using VirusTotal that we test clean. Dmitry and a few other corrected me when I said McAfee was owned by Intel. This transaction has not been completed so Intel is not currently involved with any operations at McAfee.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

For the third year, I’m proud to announce I’ve been awarded the Microsoft  MVP (Most Valuable Professional) status. I’m especially honored to be recognized as one of a number of bright and outstanding individuals who devote their time helping others.


“At Microsoft, we believe that by participating in technical communities, MVPs enhance people's lives and the industry's success. Your participation in these communities promotes the free and objective exchange of knowledge. You are recognized in technical communities as a reliable, independent expert, benefiting all who participate in communities. Your expert advice and influence in technical communities help users adopt new technology and help Microsoft understand and meet our customers' needs.”

My first MVP Kit

When I received my first MVP award I was surprised since I’ve been known to be critical of many Microsoft projects.  I’m impressed and humbled that the folks at Microsoft awarded me with this title.  I’m thrilled to be included in a group of exceptional professionals.

I would especially like to thank those MVP’s who nominated me along with Brian Boston, Jake Grey and Emily Freet for their support.  I look forward to next years MVP Global Summit in Redmond and meeting more of my fellow MVP’s.


In 1995-96 I worked at the Redmond campus so it’s always a pleasure to re-visit my old office. I worked on a secret skunk-works project called the “Information Highway PC”. This was before YouTube, Google, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix and Slingbox ever existed. Most of what we discovered has been integrated into Windows 7. and even the newest Microsoft Phone 7.  In addition to coding, I participated in setting up focus groups, hiring new employees and learned a lot from mentors Dan and Gabe Newell.  I wasn’t able to stay in Redmond due to the distance from my kids but I was always treated well.  Getting MVP status makes me feel like a member of a team again which is especially important for someone who works alone out of a home office.


mvpYou’ll continue to see my proud MVP award image at the top of this blog. While I’m under Non-Disclosure Agreements for many projects, I’m still able to voice my honest opinion and will continue to share information I hope you’ll find my bits useful and/or entertaining.

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