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Sunday, July 24, 2011

DroidPatrol Provides PLUS Info for only $1.99

Two years ago when I first started to use my Motorola Droid I knew immediately the Android operating system had a future.  Dreams of a future product made me register the domain “”. Today, the first step in this dream comes true. Anyone with an Android device can go to the Google market and purchase the first release of “DroidPatrol”.

Like WinPatrol the first version of DroidPatrol will be a simple application. New features will be created and added to DroidPatrol so that our new app will soon provide the main WinPatrol feature of letting you know if unexpected changes occur to your Android device.  One of the benefits of the Google Marketplace is that updates can be provided automatically.


The first version of DroidPatrol will sell for only $1.99 but will provide access to the WinPatrol PLUS database, part of the $29.95 value of WinPatrol PLUS. 

If you do use WinPatrol, DroidPatrol will provide PLUS features available directly from your Droid device any where you are.


You don’t have to be a WinPatrol user to use the features of DroidPatrol. Just like WinPatrol PLUS you can enter the name of any file and we'll let you know in human terms what a file does or if you even need the file.

So go to your Droid now and search the market for “DroidPatrol” or go to the online Android Market.

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Saturday, July 09, 2011

WinPatrol PLUS Half Price Special

Usually I try to find a special occasion for a WinPatrol PLUS sale but I can tell from recent activity the economy is rough on everyone. For the next two days I’m offering our lifetime upgrade to the newest WinPatrol PLUS for only $14.95 USD or half price our regular price.

Our WinPatrol PLUS Super Family Pack is also discounted $15.00.  You can upgrade your entire family for $34.95 USD.

This discount is also available to our international users. Given the US Dollar conversion to the Euro this is a real bargain to non-US orders. At this price it’s not even worth using a keygen or pirated version of WinPatrol PLUS.

So, if you’ve been considering WinPatrol PLUS the time is now!


BillP Studios is a company you can trust. We’ve been working on WinPatrol for over a decade. How many companies do you deal with who give you a real physical address?

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