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Friday, November 25, 2011

WinPatrol PLUS 14th Birthday Winners

On November 19th, 1997 the first public version of WinPatrol could be downloaded by the public. This year is our 14th year that WinPatrol has been available and we celebrated by giving away over $2000 in prizes to our friends and fans. Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered.

One semi-surprise is how many fans we have all around the world and how we appreciate their support and word of mouth telling their friends and family about WinPatrol.

Here is a list of those who entered without too much information that might give away private info. A total of 1028 entered our contest this year.  303 entries were from the USA.

Only 29.5% of our entries were from the United States of America which means we have a lot of fans outside our home country.
14% were friends from the United Kingdom
5% were Canadian
Biggest surprise was 14.8% were from Romania

Prize One is a custom 1 GB WinPatrol wristband. Valued at $24.95 the wristband is extremely handy at copying photos and music from one system to another.

Prize Two is from our good friends at which is completely compatible with WinPatrol. You’ll be able to run both programs for max protection without slowing down your computer. Valued at $29.95 the consumer version is a powerful tool.

Prize Three is a lifetime subscription of the WinPatrol PLUS Family Pack good for all the computers owned by by your family.  Valued at $49.95 you’ll never have to pay BillP Studio ever again.

Here is a list of all entries.
If you’re a winner please let your friends know about WinPatrol.  Your prize will be listed next to your country.

Name Region Country
Gabriel Kentucky USA  (* Wristband *)
Mike NJ USA (* Wristband *)
Sue NJ USA (* Wristband *)
Chris NY USA (* Wristband *)
MARV Oklahoma USA (* Wristband *)
Robert California USA   (* Wristband *)
David Florida USA (* Wristband *)
Bob TN USA (* Wristband *)
Rodney Wisconsin USA (* Wristband *)
Kevin CA USA (* Wristband *)
Robert NJ United States (* Wristband *)
Francis NY United States (* Wristband *)
Charles VA USA (* Wristband *)
Michael WA USA (* Wristband *)
Paul Oregon U.S.A.  (* Wristband *)
 -   -   - 
Jack Florida USA (* Malwarebytes *)
Linda BH16 6DQ England (* Malwarebytes *)
Ingrid   Netherlands (* Malwarebytes *)
Rod Dorset UK (* Malwarebytes *)
iulian Petrosani Romania (* Malwarebytes *)
Maduta Oradea Romania (* Malwarebytes *)
Cristian Cluj Romania (* Malwarebytes *)
Hernan   Venezuela  (* Malwarebytes *)
Alexey Donetzk Ukraine  (* Malwarebytes *)
Kieth AZ USA  (* Malwarebytes *)
 -   -   - 
Mark Texas USA (* Family Pack *)
Adam VA USA (* Family Pack *)
Jane WV USA (* Family Pack *)
Bradley CA United States (* Family Pack *)
Donald PA United States (* Family Pack *)
Paul London UK (* Family Pack *)
Stefan Iasi Romania (* Family Pack *)
Willie Aurora Philippines (* Family Pack *)
Corno Utrecht Netherlands (* Family Pack *)
Liam Dublin Ireland(* Family Pack *)
David Nordrhein Westfalen Germany (* Family Pack *)
John   Denmark (* Family Pack *)
Travis   Canada (* Family Pack *)
 -   -   - 
 -   -   - 
Hopefully a winner for our next contest.
Mickey Alabama USA
Robert J Alabama USA
JoAnne Arizona USA
Steve Arizona USA
Denver AZ USA
Kristin AZ USA
Richard az usa
Mike Boston Usa
Adolph CA USA
Alexander CA USA
beverly CA USA
Boyet CA USA
David CA USA
Donald CA USA
margaret ca usa
Terry CA USA
winston ca usa
David CA. USA
Michael Ca. USA
Tom Cal USA
holli co usa
rob Colorado USA
Pete CT usa
Bob Delaware USA
David FL USA
I-Tsang FL USA
Monica Fl USA
Phase FL USA
William FL. USA
Michael fla usa
Ahsan Florida USA
Brian Florida USA
Hewie Florida USA
charlene ga usa
henry ga usa
mark ga usa
Catalina IL USA
Frank IL USA
Martin IL USA
Thomas IL USA
William T. Illinois USA
Glenn IN USA
Randy IN USA
Scott IN USA
Timothy IN USA
Robert Iowa USA
Danny Kentucky USA
Allan KS USA
Rick KS usa
David KY USA
Harold ky usa
john KY usa
Michael Ky USA
William KY USA
James Louisiana USA
Terry Louisiana USA
Robert MA USA
Walter MA USA
Scott Maryland USA
josh MD USA
Michael MD USA
David MI USA
Tyler MI USA
Bergette Michigan USA
DEAN Michigan USA
steve michigan usa
Wiz Michigan USA
Jerry Minnesota USA
Ricky Mississippi USA
Norman Missouri USA
darin mn usa
Michael MN USA
G. Walter NC USA
Heather NC USA
jeff nc usa
William NC USA
David Nebraska USA
Jason new york usa
joseph new york usa
Ben NJ usa
Norbert NM USA
Willard North Carolina USA
Cheri NV USA
Brian NY USA
michael NY USA
Reggie NY USA
Terri NY USA
Ernest OH USA
Raymond OH USA
Thomas OH USA
Douglas ohio usa
Email Ohio USA
Frank ohio usa
Greg Ohio USA
Mike Ohio USA
Paul Ohio USA
Kevin Oklahoma USA
brad or usa
James OR USA
Debra PA USA
Joyce PA USA
Joycr Pa USA
Nancy PA USA
Rocco Pa USA
Alan Pennsylvania USA
geoge m sc usa
Patty SC UShjA
Russell SC USA
bruce sd usa
Larry Tennessee usa
Larry Tennessee usa
Bhaskar Texas USA
Bud Texas USA
Sam Texas USA
Gordon TX USA
Joyce TX USA
Kelly TX USAj
Daniel VA USA
Jack Va USA
James VA USA
kirkpatrick va usa
Tarun VA USA
Joseph B. Virginia USA
Michael Virginia USA
James WA USA
Sylvia WA USA
carl wa. usa
Allen WI USA
Rodney Wisconsin USA
Jane wv USA
Ralph WV USA
Dwane   USA
ebony   USA
Victor   USA
Jack AZ US
Chris Ca US
Meadow CA USll
gary ia us
Alicia Illinois US
David MD US
Valerie MI US
John MT US
John NC US
Brent Oregon US
John TX US
Mike   WA, US
William Florida United States of America
Lyle KS United States of America
Donovan AK United States
Dennis AL United States
Laurie AL United States
Alan Arizona United States
Dario Arizona United States
Gerald Arizona United States
Angus AZ United States
Randy AZ United States
David CA United States
Shirley CA United States
William CA United States
Kelli Ca. United States
Bruce California United States
David CT United states
David FL United States
Howard FL United States
James FL United States
Yohandy Florida United States
Gary GA United States
JEROME GA United States
JEROME GA United States
Jim GA United States
Sanford GA United States
Troy idaho United States
Bradley IL United States
Curt IL United States
Mark IN United States
Roger Indiana United States
Dennis KS United States
Brad KY United States
Doug LA United States
Joe MA United States
W MA United States
Ande Missouri United States
Daniel MN United States
Steven MN United States
Richard MO United States
jay montana united states
Li Nebraska United States
Ernie New York United States
William New York United States
BOB NJ United States
Joel NJ United States
Max NJ United States
Steven NJ United States
Ralph NM United States
Gene NV United States
Francis NY United States
Peter NY United States
Jeremy OH United States
Raymond OH United States
Carol Oklahoma United States
Sherri OR United States
Jamie Oregon United states
Jamie Oregon United states
Jamie Oregon United states
Bobby PA United States
Elizabeth PA United States
Valerie PA United States
Gloria South Dakota United States
john South Dakota United States
Timothy South Dakota United States
Timothy South Dakota United States
Johnny Tennessee United States
Frankie Texas United States
rob texas united states
Tom Texas United States
Lowell TN United States
Craig TX United States
Jim TX United States
Mark TX United States
Robin TX United States
Hirminia VA United States
Zack VA United States
Harry Virginia United States
Clifford WA United States
Dave WA United States
Dung WA United States
Robert Washington United States
Wendy Washington United States
Thomas WI United States
Robert   United States
Kelly Berkshire United Kingdom
Brenda borders United Kingdom
Jane Cambridgeshire United Kingdom
Huw Cardiff United Kingdom
Sarah Carmarthenshire United Kingdom
nicola Cleveland United Kingdom
Pauline Cleveland United Kingdom
Richard Cleveland united kingdom
Dan Derbyshire United Kingdom
Robin Derbyshire United Kingdom
Kristian Devon United Kingdom
Sarah East Sussex United Kingdom
susannah East Sussex United Kingdom
Tim East Sussex United Kingdom
Kevin England United Kingdom
mike Essex United Kingdom
Allan Gloucestershire United Kingdom
Jane Gloucestershire United Kingdom
Manoj Gloucestershire United Kingdom
Elton Hampshire United Kingdom
Nicholas Hertfordshire United Kingdom
steve herts united kingdom
Emma Kent United Kingdom
Jacques Kent United Kingdom
przemek kent united kingdom
Rachel Kent United Kingdom
Stephen Kent United Kingdom
Christopher Lanarkshire United Kingdom
Christopher Lanarkshire United Kingdom
Chris Lanarkshiree United Kingdom
Andrew Lancashire United Kingdom
Christine lancashire United Kingdom
Edward Lancashire United Kingdom
Karen Lancashire United Kingdom
Winston Lincolnshire United Kingdom
Kay Lincs United Kingdom
Joanna London United Kingdom
Kamal London United Kingdom
linda london United Kingdom
Solange London United Kingdom
Sean M20 4NZ United Kingdom
Phil Manchester United Kingdom
Mark Merseyside United Kingdom
Tom Merseyside United Kingdom
Inga N E LINCS United Kingdom
Gavin N.Ireland United Kingdom
Mark Norfolk United Kingdom
Pat norfolk United Kingdom
nigel north yorkshire united kingdom
jane Northamptonshire United Kingdom
Mark Northants United Kingdom
Emma Nottinghamshire United Kingdom
michelle notts United Kingdom
Charlotte Oxfordshire United Kingdom
Stephanie S Yorks United Kingdom
Joy Somerset United Kingdom
Luke South Yorkshire United Kingdom
Martin South Yorkshire United Kingdom
Phil Suffolk United Kingdom
Jamie Tyne & Wear United Kingdom
John Tyne and Wear United Kingdom
Vivien Tyne and Wear United Kingdom
Clementina Wandsworth United Kingdom
Andrew West Midlands United Kingdom
Neil West Midlands United Kingdom
Richard West Midlands United Kingdom
Dorothy West Yorkshire United Kingdom
Tina West Yorkshire United Kingdom
Joe   United Kingdom
Nitrox   United Kingdom
Pete   United Kingdom
Shaun   United Kingdom
Mr Thanh Hoa Vietnamese
Do Quang Ha Noi Vietnam
nguyen xuan Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Sam Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam
umbra Khan Hoa vietnam
Anh   Vietnam
teo Ho Chi Minh Viet Nam
Peter   Viet Nam
Alexey Donetzkaya oblast Ukraine
Alexey Mariupol Ukraine
Alexey Karpenko Mariupol Ukraine
bill   UK.
Graham Bedfordshire UK
John Cheshire UK
Max Cheshire UK
natalie cornwall uk
Olly Devon UK
iou eng uk
michael glasgow UK
Chris Hampshire UK
Nick Hampshire UK
Rich hampshire UK
David Hereford UK
Dianne Lincolnshire UK
Jamie Lincolnshire UK
John Liverpool UK
Maria Anjeline London UK
Mark Merseyside UK
elaine nottinghamshire uk
Lee Surrey UK
Steve Tyne & Wear UK
Andrew West Midlands UK
Hammy WS13PL UK
Keith Wales UK
Bruce Yorkshire UK
aha   uk
David   UK
ozcan   uk
ozcan   uk
ozcan   uk
ozcan   uk
peri   UKj
prag   uk
Robert   UK
Stfan   UK
Rex CA. U.S.A.
Rob Maryland U.S.A.
Michael Nevada U.S.A.
Tony Ohio U.S.A.
Tony Ohio U.S.A.
brad oklahoma U.S.A.
Joe Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Egon WA U.S.A.
Grant   U.S.A.
Mike Pa U.S.A
Joseph AZ U.S.
Mark NJ U.S.
George Tn. U.S
Parahat Ankara Turkey
Esra Istanbul Turkey
Gokhan Istanbul Turkey
ceylan izmir Turkey
Esra Ýstanbul Turkey
emre   turkey
Pawel Noord-Brabant The Netherlands
Erik Overijsel The Netherlands
Korstiaan Zuid Holland The Netherlands
Supachai Bangkok Thailand
Geordie Chiang Mai Thailand
mongkol Phitsanulok thailand
Alvin Kaohsiung Taiwan
qoo new taipei taiwan
Justin Taipei Taiwan
kah Taipei Taiwan
kaw Taipei Taiwan
wang taipei taiwan
m   syria
Helmut AG Switzerland
Michael Zurich Switzerland
Chrille SE Sweden
Martina SE Sweden
Paulina SE Sweden
Susanne SE Sweden
Patrick Täby Sweden
Pekka   Sweden
Arungkaran Jaffna Sri Lanka
Rusira Western Sri Lanka
Bryan Alicante Spain
itcou Andalucia Spain
tam Madrid Spain
Mike Mallorca Spain
RSK Gauteng South Africa
Ahmed kzn south africa
Lovemore KZN South Africa
Adam Western Province South Africa
Jozef ®ilinský kraj Slovakia
Jozef ®ilinský Kraj Slovakia
Hock Nan Singapore Singapore
Shirl   Singapore
Kelly SG SG
Zoran Serbia Serbia
vodomar vojvodina serbia
vodomar vojvodina serbia
Aleksandar   Serbia
D   Serbia
Greg Grampian Scotland
Rajalingam Jeddah Saudi Arabia
JC Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Gleb Mordovia Russian Federation
alexandr Altaj Russia
Aleksandr Moscow Russia
Michail moscow Russia
Vladimir Tatarstan Russia
Babay Voronezh Russia
S. Voronezh Russia
Zaman Tg-Mures Roumania
Ilie Olt Romanian
Iosif   Romanian
Leonard Constanta România
Murphy 3225 Romania
Murphy 3225 Romania
marshal *bucuresti romania
Adriana Arad Romania
george bacau romania
Ilies Bacau Romania
macarie bacau romania
Mircea Baicoi Romania
toader bistrita-nasaud romania
Bogdan Botosani Romania
herghelegiu botosani romania
Mihalache Brasov Romania
Octavian Brasov Romania
Ana Bucharest Romania
Badea Bucharest Romania
Bogdan Bucharest Romania
Catalin Bucharest Romania
catalin bucharest romania
diana bucharest romania
Florin Bucharest Romania
Ilie Bucharest Romania
ION Bucharest Romania
ION Bucharest Romania
Isabelle Anne Marie Bucharest Romania
Isabelle Anne Marie Bucharest Romania
Maria Bucharest Romania
merca Bucharest Romania
Nastase Bucharest Romania
padronne Bucharest Romania
patras bucharest romania
Robert Bucharest Romania
sofy Bucharest Romania
Stefan Bucharest Romania
Cucu Bucuresti Romania
Dan Bucuresti Romania
Gabriela Bucuresti Romania
gheorghe bucuresti romania
gigi bucuresti romania
Hermina Bucuresti Romania
mirela elena bucuresti romania
mirela elena bucuresti romania
olga bucuresti romania
senat bucuresti romania
senat bucuresti romania
Sorin Bucuresti Romania
mihai buzau romania
Popoiag Buzau Romania
Radu Buzau Romania
Iustin Calarasi Romania
marin calarasi romania
ciprian cluj romania
dan Cluj Romania
Mihai Cluj Romania
Mihai Cluj-Napoca Romania
Caruntu Constanta Romania
Ian Constanta Romania
manea constanta romania
xmanadi constanta romania
buga covasna romania
Iulian Cugir Romania
gabriel dambovita romania
Cristian DB Romania
Nema Dolj Romania
Mircea Futeni Romania
Blogger Galati Romania
Bocaneala Galati Romania
Lupu Galati Romania
pascu galati romania
R4dhu Galati Romania
Pazea Gorj,Targu Jiu Romania
Florin Hunedoara Romania
Tomescu Ialomita Romania
Botez Iasi Romania
George Iasi Romania
dragos mehedinti Romania
Florin Mehedinti Romania
Berendea Miercurea-Ciuc Romania
Iulian Moldova Romania
Valentin Moldova Romania
ady Mures Romania
Liviu Neamt Romania
Tavi Neamt Romania
Petre Olt Romania
aero Petrosani Romania
iulian Petrosani Romania
iulian Petrosani Romania
solomon Petrosani Romania
Dan Marius Ploiesti Romania
Mihnea Ploiesti Romania
Andrei Prahova Romania
Antonie Prahova Romania
Dumitru Prahova Romania
Marius Roman Romania
irimia romania romania
Nick Romania Romania
Dionisie Romania-Bucharest Romania
Tutunaru Rosiori de Vede Romania
costi satu mare romania
Molnar Satu Mare Romania
Bogdan Sebes - Alba Romania
Eddie Suceava Romania
Tone Targoviste Romania
Daniel Silviu Teleorman Romania
Pisargeac Teleorman Romania
Razvan Timis Romania
Tatov Timis Romania
vlad transilvania romania
Stanica Valcea Romania
tudor valcea romania
Andrew   Romania
barabas   Romania
Branza   Romania
cata   romania
durin   Romania
Durnea   Romania
gelu   Romania
Goleanu   Romania
Mirel   Romania
Radu   Romania
Radu   Romania
Rotaru   Romania
sor   Romania
Vasiliu   Romania
vasile ilfov romaina
Ionascu Galati Roamnia
sasa Belgrade Republic of Serbia
Staszek   pPOLSKA
Paf Lisbon Portugal
Paf Lisbon Portugal
vitor Lisbon Portugal
Piotr Podkarpackie Polska
Jurek Bialystok Poland
Adam Breslau Poland
Dawid kujawsko-pomorskie Poland
Marcin Lubelskie Poland
Konrad Lublin Poland
Marek Lublin Poland
Robert Malopolskie Poland
Robert Malopolskie Poland
Adam Mazowieckie Poland
Piotr mazowieckie Poland
Filip opolskie Poland
jerzy opolskie poland
jerzy opolskie poland
Marcin Opolskie Poland
Pawel Podkarpackie Poland
Marcin Podlaskie Poland
Micha³ Pomorskie Poland
Piotr Silesia Poland
adam Slaskie Poland
Joanna Szczecin Poland
Tomash Warsaw Poland
Jakub Warszawa Poland
kamil zachodniopomorskie Poland
Ewa   Poland
Ewa   Poland
Ewa   Poland
Jacek   Poland
jan   poland
Jerzy   Poland
Pan   Poland
Pan   Poland
Pivoman   Poland
Rados³aw   POLAND
Terieron   Poland
alro cebu philippines
katherine laguna philippines
Patrick Joseph Laguna Philippines
Blake Manila Philippines
Blake Manila Philippines
Blake Manila Philippines
kirk Manila Philippines
Romina Tarlac Philippines
Kun Fujian Öйú
Frank Wellington New Zealand
Gerard Nederland Netherlands
Berry North-Holland Netherlands
Pascal Overijssel Netherlands
K. UT Netherlands
Corno Utrecht Netherlands
kees Utrecht Netherlands
Dik ZH Netherlands
Rudolf   Netherlands
Ravi Kathmandu Nepal
sachit kathmandu Nepal
samit kathmandu nepal
Henk-Jan Drenthe Nederland
Galan Noord Holland Nederland
Galan Noord Holland Nederland
Daniel Quebec, Canada Montreal
prisacari drochia Moldova
alexandr tiraspol moldova
slava chisinau MOLDOOVA
Omar Ecatepec de Morelos Mexico
Gary Jalisco Mexico
Rudy Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Ainol Melaka Malaysia
Ng Perak Malaysia
Fan Teck Sabah Malaysia
Ainol Selangor Malaysia
dean Selangor Malaysia
Nol Selangor Malaysia
sazzy Selangor Malaysia
Raymond   Malaysia
Stefce Gostivar Macedonia
Kire MKD Macedonia
Motoko APO AP Japan
Jia Nagoya Japan
Worm Nagoya Japan
setmefree abruzo italy
Silvio AP Italy
Silvana Marche Italy
lello palermo italy
vali teramo italy
florea verona italy
Massimiliano VI Italy
Carmi Jerusalem Israel
ronen jerusalem israel
Annie Tel Aviv Israel
Marc Tel Aviv Israel
Kev T Isle of Man UK
Des Reykjavik Island
dermotj 1 ireland
lekkxus 1 ireland
owen dublin ireland
Sophie   Ireland
Jack Tehran Iran
Andrian Manchester Inggris
agus bandung indonesia
Ara DKI Jakarta Indonesia
Brandon East Java Indonesia
Marwan Jakarta Indonesia
rizky Kalimantan Timur Indonesia
walang Kalimantan Timur Indonesia
Asriel West Java Indonesia
elda West Java Indonesia
Wisnu Yogyakarta Indonesia
Prakash Haryana India`
Nitin Andhra Pradesh India
Gautam Assam India
Rishikalpa Assam India
Rubi Assam India
jothi chennai india
Amit delhi India
Avinash Delhi India
drag delhi india
john delhi India
TRY Delhi India
Vivek Delhi India
Chintan Gujarat India
dhaval gujarat india
niroop Indore India
suman Indore India
Pradeep Jharkhand India
Ranjan Jharkhand India
Linu Karnataka India
Murali Karnataka India
Sharad Karnataka India
siddharth madhya pradesh India
Bala Maharashtra India
Jitendra Maharashtra India
kwai maharashtra india
stranger maharastra India
Ind MH India
saurabh MP India
Amit Mumbai India
John Mumbai India
Riz Mumbai India
Vivek Mumbai India
Mini Odisha India
any orissa India
prince orissa India
Mayur Pune India
Amardeep Punjab India
Mayur Rajasthan India
Annamalai tamilnadu india
kishore tamilnadu india
dilip tanjore india
Ashwin TN India
sumit tripura india
Anurag U P India
Arnab West Bengal India
Debjani West Bengal India
Samarendra West Bengal India
Somnath West Bengal India
Somrik West Bengal India
Sourav West Bengal India
Subhro West Bengal India
Sujay West Bengal India
Swarup West Bengal India
Pramod Kerala IN
ciocoiu romania iasi
Fercso Gy-M-S Hungary
marko   hrvatska
ORKAN Shatin HongKong
John none Hong Kong
Dan   Hong KONG
david   Hong Kong
ellene   Hong Kong
Yan Amsterdam Holland
Gerard   Holland
Nam Viet Nam Ha Noi
Nam Viet Nam Ha Noi
Nam Viet Nam Ha Noi
kostas Athens Greece
Paulos Athens Greece
Panayotis Attica Greece
makis halandri greece
makis halandri greece
Rod Dorset Great Britain
Ika Indah Baden Wuerttemberg Germany
Emil Bayer Germany
Dirk Bayern Germany
Dirk Bayern Germany
Rita Bayern Germany
Alex Berlin Germany
Dazzle Berlin Germany
Udo Hessen Germany
Andreas MV Germany
Dirk NRW Germany
Stuart RLP Germany
Andreas   Germany
Sueton   Germany
malkhaz georgia Georgia
just romania galati
Brian Bretagne France
JF Hauts de Seine France
Franck Paris France
selim paris france
Hovsep Val De Marne France
allan   france
Marika Keski-Suomi Finland
Janne Kuopio Finland
Barda   Finland
Netty WS13PL Engload
Lesley Hampshire England. UK
Jeff Berkshire England
Roderick Dorset England
Scott London England
thomas London England
karen notts england
matthew staffordshire england
Simon Surrey England
Ian Yorkshire England
Cathryn   England
mizo Alex Egypt
ahmed mansoura egypt
Vjacheslav Ðîññèÿ Ðîññèÿ
Ìàêñèì Ìîñêâà Ðîññèÿ
Curt Henning Copenhagen Denmark
Curt Henning Copenhagen Denmark
Joergen DK Denmark
Stine DK Denmark
Hrvoje brodsko-posavks croatia
Nikola Cakovec Croatia
Ante Dalmacija Croatia
Ivica Dubrovnik Croatia
Ivan HR Croatia
Marko Vukovarsko-Srijemska Croatia
Marko Vukovarsko-Srijemska Croatia
Ninoslav Zagreb Croatia
Filip Zagrebaèka zupanija Croatia
Damir   Croatia
Manuel Cucuta Colombia
wenjuner 316100 China
ËïÏþÁú ÁÉÄþÊ¡liaoning China
li BeiJing China
pan beijing china
wang beijing china
wang beijing china
ºÎ Guangdong china
Xiaokang Guangdong China
Jason Guanghzou China
Àî heilongjiang China
james hu nan china
Öì HuBei China
Shiqiang Hubei China
wilson HUNAN china
l jiangsu china
ÕÅ jiangsu china
peter jiangsu china
s jiangsu china
Tyler Jiangsu China
duan Liaoning China
duan Liaoning China
duan Liaoning China
Li Liaoning China
jim Montana China
eli peking china
ÀÇ shanghai China
Jie Shanghai China
John Shanghai China
Yijun Shanghai China
  shannxi china
bertrand shanxi china
li shanxi china
wu shanxi china
林 Shen Yang China
—Ñ Shen Yang China
lin shichuang china
Yuekang Songjiang,Shanghai China
kai Tianjin China
David Zhe jiang China
liang zhejiang china
xing zhejiang china
xing zhejiang china
h   china
hyh   china
Alejandro Santiago, RM Chile
Bill Alberta Canada
Mary Alberta Canada
Paral Alberta Canada
art b.c. canada
Laverne B.C. Canada
Laverne B.C. Canada
Andrew BC Canada
Ken BC Canada
Ken BC Canada
Ken BC Canada
Ken BC Canada
Ken BC Canada
Ken BC Canada
Ken BC Canada
Lyle BC Canada
Margaret BC Canada
Marvin BC Canada
r. BC Canada
Cryata T. Calgary Canada
Andrew New Brunswick Canada
Andrew New Brunswick Canada
Andrew New Brunswick Canada
Andrew New Brunswick Canada
Bill New Brunswick Canada
Rob Newfoundland Canada
Paul NS Canada
Hayley ON Canada
J. Margaret ON Canada
Linda ON Canada
marion ON canada
Walter ON Canada
Alex Onatrio Canada
Daniel A Ontario Canada
David C. Ontario Canada
Gerry Ontario Canada
Heber Ontario Canada
Jim Ontario Canada
Leila Ontario Canada
Mark Ontario Canada
Michael Ontario Canada
Reza Ontario Canada
samarjeet Ontario Canada
Seymour Ontario Canada
Gilles Quebec Canada
david québec canada
Ken   Canada
Lachezar Plovdiv Bulgaria
Angel Shumen Bulgaria
Paulo AM Brazil
Vick Mina Gerais Brazil
Bruno Pará Brazil
JEduardo RJ Brazil
Roberto Santa Catarina Brazil
Matheus SP Brazil
Eduardo Rio de Janeiro Brasil
Nedim Tuzla Canton Bosnia and Herzegovina
Raymonda Antwerp Belgium
master OVL Belgium
Jean   Belgium
Andreas Minsk Belarus
Vlad Romania Bacau
Alexandru Wien Austria
Archie 5097 Australia
James Adelaide Australia
Brand Brisbane Australia
Anthony NSW Australia
Brendan NSW Australia
Geoffrey NSW Australia
John NSW Australia
Peter NSW Australia
Peter NSW Australia
Peter NSW Australia
Stephen NSW Australia
Yat NSW Australia
Gary QLD Australia
Naoto Queensland Australia
Warren Queensland Australia
Matthew South Australia Australia
Matthew South Australia Australia
Jose sydney Australia
Jonathan VICTORIA Australia
Mick Victoria Australia
Paul Victoria Australia
craig WA Australia
james wa australia
Robert WA Australia
Annie Western Australia Australia
Lee Western Australia Australia
Dagmar   Arkansas,usa
Gonzalo Cordoba Argentina
ste fl america
Ali Pacha Algiers Algeria
Vjosan Tirana Albania
Kristi Bilisht/Korçë Albania
zahid UAE Abu Dhabi

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

PRIZES to Thank you for your support

Happy Birthday Scotty!

On November 19th, 1997 the first release of WinPatrol was made public and generated 1252 downloads. This year is the 14th anniversary of WinPatrol and we'd like to celebrate it with a bang and plenty of prizes.
To enter fill in the simple info at

For fun details on the initial release of WinPatrol check out

To celebrate our 14th anniversary we’ve created a prize list and hope to include more prizes by November 19th.  You don’t have to be a WinPatrol PLUS member to enter and win.  Anyone can be a winner.

PRIZE 1 is our custom 1 GB WinPatrol wristband.  This handy tool makes it easy to copy your music and photos between computers. It also includes a copy of the most recent version of WinPatrol’s setup program so you can install our free version to protect your friends and family.

(14) will be given away. Each has a value of $24.95 USD

PRIZE 2 is a consumer version of the extremely popular AV program Malwarebytes.   One of the advantages of WinPatrol is that it works and plays well with others. WinPatrol and Malwarebytes work well together without slowing you down. Just like BillP Studios, our friends at are sincerely devoted to helping protect users from infiltrations that make you feel violated.

(10) copies available each valued at $29.95 USD


PRIZE 3 is a WinPatrol PLUS license for your entire family.  Valued at $49.95 you’ll receive a code that is good for your lifetime and is valid for all your computers even those used by your kids even if they’re not living at home. This provides protection and could save you from the purchase of a brand new computer.  This prize covers your desktop, laptop and every computer owned by your family.


So Good Luck and thank you for your support as we celebrate another great WinPatrol year. This is a great time to share the news with friends and family.

If you’d like to safely enter this contest we need just minor information.  Your protection is important and as soon as the contest is complete personal data will be deleted. That’s how important your protection has always been. If you’d rather not enter online you can send information to our home address.  Unlike many companies we’re not afraid to publish our real address.

BillP Studios
32 Sunnyside Rd.
Scotia, NY 12302

Join the fun!  If you have any questions or would like to contribute your own prize Email,


To enter fill in the simple info at

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